Cohort entry for 5 year olds

To assist with making the transition to school for all learners go smoothly, we have a cohort entry system at school. Starting school alongside other children supports them in building relationships and helps with a happier start to school.

If you have a child who is going to start at our school, please get in touch with the school office at least ten weeks before their 5th birthday for information about enrolment and preschool visits. 

There are two entry dates per term, and two preschool visits (Wednesdays) are required before the child can start in Kohekohe Learning Space. These dates are also on our school calendar. 

NOTE: The Cohort Entry requirements do not apply to 5-year-old learners who have transferred from another primary school or to children who have turned 6. All learners must start school by the time they are 6. 

The schedule of visit dates is listed below. All school visits are from 8:30 am - 11:00 am with exception of January 31st. 

Cohort Entry dates for 2023

Term 1

Week 1: 1st February
(School Visit is on 31st January 2:00 pm for the start of the year)

Week 6: 6th March
(School Visits are on 22nd Feburary and 1st March)

Term 2

Week 1: 26th April
(School Visits are on 29th March and 5th April)

Week 6: 29th May
(School Visits are on 17th May and 24th May)

Term 3

Week 1: 17th July
(School Visits are on 21st June and 28th June)

Week 6: 21st August
(School Visits are on 9th August and 16th August)

Term 4

Week 1: 9th October
(School Visits are on 13th September and 20th September) 

Week 6: 13th November
(School Visits are on 1st November and 8th November)

Enrolment Zone

Tamaoho School has a Ministry of Education approved enrolment zone. All students who live within the home zone boundary are entitled to enrol at the school.

"Starting at the intersection of Gun Club Road and Hart Road, travel south down Hart Road (even numbers included only) to Rifle Range Road. Continue on Rifle Range Road for approximately 140m then turn right onto Russell Road. Travel down Russell Road (even numbers included only) and continue onto Stuart Road (even numbers included only). At the end of Stuart Road turn left onto Waiuku Road (even numbers included only) and continue for approximately 300m until the intersection of Domain Road, Puni Road and Rowles Road. Turn left onto Domain Road and continue for 350m to McNally Road. Turn right onto McNally Road (odd numbers included only) and at the roundabout continue onto West Street (odd numbers included only). At the intersection of West Street, Helvetia Road and Harris Street turn left onto Helvetia Road. Travel north on Helvetia Road (even numbers included only) to the intersection of Gun Club Road and Heights Road. Turn left onto Gun Club Road (odd numbers included only) and continue travelling east back to the starting point (intersection of Gun Club Road and Hart Road). All residential addresses on included sides of boundary roads and all no exit roads off included sides of boundary roads are included in the zone unless otherwise stated. The enrolment of out of zone students is governed by the provisions of the Education Act 1989."

For enquiries please email the Establishment Board Chair - Barbara Duckworth.

Online Enrolment

Our online enrolment process for enrolling your child(ren) is now open!

Follow us on Facebook to receive up to date information regarding enrolment. We are so excited about meeting you all!


Please send any enquiries using the form below and someone from our leadership team will be in touch.

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How to find us

Tamaoho School is located at 36 Taikaranga Street, Pukekohe.

Phone: 09 884 9350
Email: office@tamaoho.school.nz
Principal: principal@tamaoho.school.nz