Our School

Our Vision

Involve Me and I Learn

Tamaoho School is a place of learning where there is a voice for all, a culture which strengthens belonging and well being and where showing Aroha, Pono and Tika are all around us to prepare our learners for the journey of life.

Our Whakatauākī

Te ako o te Tui a Tamaoho

The Tui can focus on his korero (talk)
The pouako (expert teacher) can focus on the students
The students can focus on kaupapa (curriculum programme)
The chief Tamaoho is astute, strategic, academic, outcome-focused, and a master of the universal teachings of the whare wānanga (place of higher learning).

We are really privileged to be gifted our Tamaoho School WHAKATAUĀKĪ and Waiata by Ngati Tamaoho. We are highly honoured and see this as a real privilege. 

Our Values

Our learners will be guided by our three values:

Aroha  -  Caring is showing kindness, a willingness to help others and to care for themselves, each other and the world that we live in      

Pono  -  Honesty is taking responsibility for your feelings and behaviours by speaking the truth and presenting facts   

Tika  -  Doing the right thing is to think deeply when making choices for the good of everyone

Our School Logo

In traditional Māori Pā (village), Te Pātaka were used for the storage of kai (food). However, the Rangatira (Chief) would have special Te Pātaka made to store taonga (treasures). Stories shared tell of how Tamaoho, used Te Pātaka, to store taonga he wanted his people to value and learn about. Tamaoho School is our Te Pātaka because we believe knowledge and learning are our taonga.

Our Learning Spaces

Our school has been designed with future learning in mind and to allow all learners the opportunity to work in an environment that will build skills they will need in the future workforce. The learning spaces may look a little different from when we went to school, but children will still have a set class teacher each year, a learning space that they will call their classroom, and a clear sense of identity within the spaces. 

On both floors there is a purpose built ‘Exploration Area’ to provide children with opportunities for creativity hands on learning. There are also several break out spaces for quiet areas, target group work and larger group learning. Having these break out spaces are an exceptional advantage from a more traditional classroom. The number one priority in our newly designed learning spaces are the relationships with children, to ensure security, identity and a real sense of belonging for all.

Our Learning Space Names

Through our learning spaces we celebrate our native surroundings in the development of our school culture and as part of developing knowledge of our local history, our tangata whenua Ngati Tamaoho and to share our commitment to being a sustainable Enviroschool. 

Our Policies and Procedures

Our school has been working with SchoolDocs to create a website for our policies and procedures. SchoolDocs maintain, update, and review our policies with us. SchoolDocs provides us with a comprehensive core set of policies, which have been well researched and follow the Ministry of Education National Administration Guidelines. 

If you would like to find out more about SchoolDocs and to view our policies and procedures click here.

Click 'Search for your school' and type in 'Tamaoho'
Username: 'tamaoho' (Email us to request the password) 

Our Strategic Direction

Explore our School Strategic Plan 2024-2025 and Implementation Plan 2024. These documents serve as roadmaps, aligning with our vision, values and key skills, and guide our efforts to prioritise the well-being , progress and achievement of every learner.


Please send any enquiries using the form below and someone from our leadership team will be in touch.

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How to find us

Tamaoho School is located at 36 Taikaranga Street, Pukekohe.

Phone: 09 884 9350
Email: office@tamaoho.school.nz
Principal: principal@tamaoho.school.nz